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While I was studying dance, I had a surgery that kept me out of class for quite some time. Surgery was followed by a lot of physiotherapy but I didn’t see the results I wanted. Very fortunately I got introduced to the world of yoga for the first time. Looking back I think the timing was perfect because I actually appreciated it and gave yoga the attention it deserved!

On a physical level I just couldn’t believe how fast it helped my body recover from my injury. But what’s more important is that for the first time I experienced the flow, the breath, the concentration, the discipline, all that which yoga represents..


Coming from dance I though it would be easy for me or even boring. Instead yoga opened my eyes and heart to new possibilities. It challenges my body but most importantly it challenges my mind.

I am a practitioner since 2009 but when I came to my new home, London, I decided to take my relationship with yoga to the next level. So I completed my 200hrs Teacher Training Program on Power Vinyasa Yoga at Lumi Power Yoga Studio.

Teaching yoga has a depth that I couldn’t imagine before and for me is yet an other way to share my curiosity, my passion and my experience for this world.

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