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My Story


My hometown, is a small city in Central Greece. Growing up there all I can remember is dancing. That was my passion from an early age. I started mimicking 

dancers whilst watching TV. Every morning at preschool, before any other activity I made my classmates dance Lambada with me. It was our ritual! So at the age of 3 my parents asked me: “Would you like to take dance classes?” The answer is obvious. I cannot even describe the excitement I felt! That’s how it all started..

There is an amazing ballet dance academy in Larissa and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it till the day I left home. It’s not only the knowledge and the experience of my teachers that kept me there for 15 years but also the feeling of belonging to a family.

I was a very active kid in general: playing volleyball; swimming; singing at my schools choir; even taking painting lessons. I loved music and nature, I still do, and I loved the freedom I felt when I was riding my bike. But only dance could give me the true feeling of expressing my inner self.

Going to University, the first thing I did was to find a job that could pay for my dance classes. Secretly I always wanted to become a professional dancer, even though it took me some time to realize that. So while I was studying for my environmental science degree I also started taking ballet, contemporary and tango lessons. There I met an amazing teacher that made me bring my dream to light. She was my coach for 5 years and a friend for life! Because of her I decided to study dance professionally and to pursued a career in it.


Pursuing a career in dance is definitely not easy but it was a life choice for me. This decision is what brought all these wonderful experience and people in my life and what makes me the person I am. It’s a journey that will never end..

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