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What interests me the most as a performer and also as a teacher is the strength of the language that a body can create. Whether your background is dance, sports, martial arts, yoga or any other form of physical movement it is all about expressing your inner instincts to the maximum, to a way that you can actually make an impact to this world. 

That’s what the Art of Movement is all about for me! The capabilities of a body are endless and unique for every person. My goal is to encourage my students to embrace their beauty and explore their uniqueness without fear or judgement. By playing and having fun, my intention is to be a guide on a movement research that will bring us closer to who we really are. Our body is the home of our spirit. We own it, we use it but often we know nothing about it. Learning the steps is easy, the only thing needed is determination.

Sooner or later you will succeed!


Learning to hear and understand your body is what stay’s with you for life.


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